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Stop Marijuana Discrimination
Free to do Business

My name is Howard Baer, and my business has been kicked out of our bank for purchasing domains with the word "marijuana" in them. Help us stop this discrimination.

Sign our petition that asks US Legislatures to eliminate a secret federal policy called Operation Choke Point that prevents banks from providing services to businesses they consider to be "high-risk". It is not against the law to talk about marijuana – don't let the banks treat us like it is.

To The Secretary of the Treasury, the Board of Directors of the FDIC, the Attorney General of the United States, and Members of Congress,

I, the undersigned, hereby urge the United States Government to cease Operation Choke Point immediately. I further urge the United States Government to adopt laws that limit the types of businesses with which financial institutions may not do business to those clearly engaged in illegal activities. I further urge the United States Government to cease engaging in conduct and policies that encourage financial institutions to terminate business relations with persons based on First Amendment protected speech. And, I finally urge the United States Government to cease any conduct designed to tortuously interfere with business relations between financial institutions and persons engaged in legal businesses.



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